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As a registered dietitian with over 40 years of experience in the field of health and wellness, Judy Caplan is in touch with the constantly changing health trends that have swept our nation. Using this insight, she is the architect of the new Health & Wellness program, GOBEFULL. Judy focuses on the idea of “food as medicine,” using a holistic natural approach that provides her clients with lasting results and a transformational foundation.

After completing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Dietetics at the University of Arizona, Judy was ready to change the proverbial “white bread, junk food” world. Her career has consisted of appointments as a health educator, a nutritionist at Canyon Ranch, and the researcher for multiple celebrity health publications. Moving to hospital dietetics, she continued her health crusade, attempting to transform the processed,  overcooked meals served to patients and employees to fresh, healthy and seasonal selections. Judy has counseled thousands of clients to provide a realistic and sustainable approach to better health; been an active motivational speaker to large corporations, businesses and organizations; worked to improve school lunch menus while educating scores of children of all ages; and written four books and many articles, all of which catapulted her to become a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Judy believes that a transformation, both physical and emotional, can occur as people begin to nourish themselves with healthier foods and get in touch with what it means to be full. What often starts as physical nourishment can lead to what she refers to as “nourishment of the soul.” Judy truly believes that properly feeding our bodies can assess deeper levels of self-awareness, opening doors to possibilities never imagined.




As the business grows, so does the method to communicate to the clients and guests who visit, eat, rest, and play at any of the numerous locations managed by Guest Services. The time-honored customer comment card is passé and the speed with which remarks are shared is immediate. The primary vehicle to introduce and share a unit’s services and beauty has become the internet, with constant feedback received from numerous social platforms. Hence the importance of the design of each location’s website.

Recent updates to many websites have rebranded the look and feel of the messaging of each location with cross-utilization of digital channels and social media outlets. Results have been astounding and provide ease of access for visiting guests, who now find an attractive contemporary design that is photo driven to communicate in the proverbial thousand words.

New website features:

  • Responsive
  • Image heavy
  • Real photos chosen over stock photos for units
  • Block-centric design
  • Less copy

Benefits include:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Brand consistency among units
  • Easier to read and navigate
  • Saves money on developing a separate mobile site
  • Increases visibility and higher ranks in search engines
  • One content management system allows for setting updates in one interface


Employees spoke, asking for assistance. Guest Services listened, and was created. Understanding the limitations of many locations for internet access through the firewall, the new website provides a platform for communication to all employees. Currently housing human resource information, the portal will continue to evolve to provide material for development, activities within the company, important details, and general resources for employees.


triple craft

Triple Craft

Every day, DC boaters would come in and out of the beautiful Washington Sailing Marina docks and pass Indigo Landing. This white-tablecloth restaurant had a wonderful customer base, but wasn’t necessarily catering to those in boating attire and locals looking for a quick, delicious and affordable bite to eat. An untapped market was casually floating by a prime location yet to reach its full potential. This realization was the foundation of the industry research, market research, and menu analysis that led to the creation of the modern-style, over-the-top burger joint, Triple Craft.
The challenges of overhauling a restaurant or service are predictably unpredictable. Imagine changing a fine dining steakhouse into a burger shop. Renovations were challenging, with unforeseen structural complications. Once those were hurdled, the next obstacle was the secluded location and minimal traffic exposure. The team decided to tackle it head-on by hosting a VIP event. Local food critics and social influencers were invited to come enjoy the delicious burgers, beers and shakes while indulging in the beautiful views of the Potomac River on the newly renovated deck. The resulting social chatter sparked a heavy influx of customers, which fueled the success of the Potomac River’s newest dining gem.

Island Time Bar and Grill

Island Time Bar and Grill

Meanwhile, just a few miles up the Potomac River, Joseph
Cangianelli and Phil Williams at the Columbia Island Marina had a similar inspiration. Originally, this marina simply provided services to 386 slip holders with a small, casual café and outdoor deck. But Cangianelli and Williams recognized a similar target market (hungry and willing to spend) that motivated the Triple Craft transformation. Utilizing the full potential of their talented team and corporate resources, diversifying their menu, upgrading aesthetics, and adopting strategies from other thriving East Coast marinas, they successfully enhanced their business model with the creation of the Island Time Bar & Grill. They saw their opportunity, and they capitalized on it.

Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got.” It isn’t always about recognizing a problem and determining the solution. Sometimes it’s about recognizing opportunity, believing you can do better and taking risks. These aren’t just two success stories, they’re stories of metamorphosis. Do something different, create something new, trust in your abilities and you will reap the fruits of your ambition.

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