Park Rx Day

With Park Rx Day coming up on April 23, it’s not too early to start planning a little TLC for yourself. Not only does being outdoors improve your physical health, it can also improve your mental and spiritual health! Who wouldn’t like to be a little happier? Follow the doctor’s orders—it’s time to give yourself that extra boost you need! Here are just some of the great parks you can explore on Park Rx Day, and they’ve got plenty of adventures to keep you busy.

Mount Rainier National Park
Ashford, WA
1 (855) 755-2275

With spring in full bloom and summer just a couple months away, Mount Rainier is the perfect destination for outdoor activities! The area surrounding Mount Rainier boasts 240 miles of trails for hiking and exploring the great outdoors, and at 14,410 feet tall, Mount Rainier is the ideal spot for climbers. In addition to hiking and mountain climbing, the area is perfect for fishing and camping, and even offers educational programs for park guests to learn more about safety, nature, and the history of Mount Rainier.


Lodge at Stehekin
Stehekin, WA
(509) 682-4494

Hidden away in the mountains of Washington State, the Lodge at Stehekin boasts pristine, untouched nature at its finest. To get the full Stehekin tour, with stops at Rainbow Falls and High Bridge/Pacific Crest Trail, a ride on the Red Bus is an absolute must. Other great activities include individual or guided kayaking tours on Lake Chelan; easy, moderate, and difficult day hikes; backpacking; biking; fishing; and horseback riding.


Boating in DC
Washington, DC
(202) 337-9642

For those fish out of water, Boating in DC is the dose of nature you need. With several locations throughout DC, Boating in DC is full of fun activities to get you outdoors and loving life. Some of our favorites include the Swan Boats, pedal boating, sunrise yoga, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, hydro biking, and numerous monuments tours from the water,.


Boating in Boston
Boston, MA
(617) 299-3392

There’s no better way to stay fit and follow the doctor’s orders than by spending your Park Rx Day in a boat! Boating in Boston has several great locations throughout the Greater Boston area, so it’s easy for you to enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. From canoeing to kayaking, windsurfing, quad pedal boating, sailing, rowboating, and more, there’s no shortage of fun water activities and adventures at any of the five Boating in Boston locations!


Lake Roosevelt Adventures
Seven Bays, WA
1 (800) 816-2431

Although one of the best ways to experience Lake Roosevelt is from a houseboat, there are more ways than one to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of Lake Roosevelt. The Lake Roosevelt area boasts wildlife to rival anywhere else. Witness eagles and osprey, bobcats, moose, bears, and a host of freshwater fish. Needless to say, Lake Roosevelt is an ideal spot for animal lovers, but it’s also a great destination for all kinds of watersports. How will you spend Park Rx Day at Lake Roosevelt?


Echo Bluff State Park
Eminence, MO
(844) 322-3246

It’s safe to say most of us can agree that it’s good to get off the grid and leave the devices at home. Echo Bluff State Park allows you to do just that! Tucked away in the Missouri Ozarks, Echo Bluff is home to some of nature’s most treasured views! With hiking and mountain biking options galore, Echo Bluff makes it easy to get outside and stay active. Echo Bluff’s Sinking Creek and Current River are also a wonderful spots for fishing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, and kids love the Adventure Playground, where they can create their own fun!


Bear Mountain Inn
Bear Mountain, NY
(845) 786-2731

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain Inn is an idyllic getaway for those looking to lose themselves in the great outdoors. Guests enjoy awe-inspiring views from Bear Mountain’s many hiking trails while fishers rejoice at the world-class fly-fishing opportunities. Other fun activities include boating, cross country skiing, and ice skating—it’s the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise!


Big Sur Lodge
Big Sur, CA

Nothing inspires as much wonder as the magnificent redwood forests of Big Sur. Seated in just the right spot for enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Big Sur, Big Sur Lodge is host to numerous hiking trails, and is the perfect spot for historic sightseeing, whale watching, bird watching, and day trips to other iconic destinations. Visitors also enjoy long walks on one of the many local beaches, including Pfeiffer Beach and Garrapata Beach, while others prefer to simply relax from the comforts of the lodge. Whichever option you choose, Big Sur Lodge is just what the doctor ordered.

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