Bear Mountain’s Oktoberfest:
No Internet, No Problem.

Keep your social media connection in a place of internet disconnection.

You just took the most perfect photo with your friends dressed in lederhosen and dirndl while drinking steins of endless beer. You need to post it online ASAP. So, you scroll to your favorite social media app, apply filters, and press post! But, you come to find there is no Internet! Don’t panic!

When you come to Bear Mountain’s Oktoberfest, don’t let Internet limitations stop you from making posts online. We have tips on how to stay on top of your offline social media game.


The Instagram creators know we need access to our social media at all times. In a recent update, all of Instagram’s features are now available for use even when offline.

It’s very simple. Just go through the picture posting process as you normally would while on the Internet – pick photo, apply filters, add caption, etc. Once you are done, press post! It will give you a “posting failed” message, but that’s okay. The app already recognizes it is in a “dead” zone, and will automatically post your photo as soon as you get back on the Internet.

Don’t think Instagram stopped their features there! If you like, comment, or direct message an Instagram post while offline, it will automatically process those actions as soon as you’re back online.


You will have to go old-school for this one, but you can text your tweet! Here’s how to do it:

Before leaving for Oktoberfest, make sure your Twitter settings are set correctly for text tweeting.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click “mobile”
  3. Insert your cell phone number under “Activate Twitter text messaging”
  4. Text “GO” to 40404

Anytime you want to send a tweet, just write your message in a text and send it to “40404”; that’s it!

Now, there may be some spotty cell reception since so many people want to show-off their time at Oktoberfest too. But, that shouldn’t stop a social media mogul like you!

Another way to tweet is to save your message as a draft. Compose your tweet like you normally would. However, don’t press post. Instead, click the “x” in the top-left corner and choose the option to save your tweet as a draft.

This tweet will be moved to your Twitter draft folder, which you can find by clicking on the quill icon on the bottom-right-hand corner. You can access this at any time and hit post.


If you liked texting in your tweets, then you’re in luck! Facebook also allows status updates sent over text. You can also sign up to receive updates from friends you are “subscribed” to and your Facebook chat! Do we need to remind you this is all without the Internet?

Again, before leaving for your amazing Oktoberfest experience, check to see if your Facebook settings allow you to text in updates.

  1. Go to your account settings
  2. Click “mobile”
  3. Insert your cell phone number under “Activate Text Messaging”
  4. Text the letter “F” to 32665
  5. Go through the confirmation process sent to your phone

Ta- dah, you’re all set! You can now show your Facebook followers the fun you’re having just by texting “32665” with your status.

If you want to post more than a status, like a picture, for example, you can set up that post similar to Instagram’s offline posting process. Create the post you want to upload and press “share” once finished. Again, it will come up with a “posting failed”/“not connected” message. That is okay because the system will automatically post it for you once you connect back online.


There is a trend within the social media outlets because Snapchat processes offline posts very similar to Instagram and Facebook.

Whenever you see the perfect Snapchat moment, just snap and share it as you normally would. It will say “failed to upload”, but it will be added to your Snapchat queue. Once you get Internet access again, tap on your queued snaps and they will be uploaded in the same order in which you posted them.

You won’t be able to add geofilters. However, everyone will know you are at Oktoberfest with the German-themed foods and attire in your photos!

There you go! Those are all the ways to keep your social media connection, while enjoying a time of internet disconnection at Bear Mountain’s Oktoberfest!

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