StarPath 2019

StarPath is one way Guest Services expresses its commitment to professional development. As an excellent program by our company to promote growth internally and cultivate career potentiality, candidates of the StarPath program enjoy leadership seminars to foster and hone their skills.

“I wanted to take the time to write that my training last year at Corporate, as well as the Centers for Business excellence, was precious to me. I’m also grateful that GSI and its leaders included such a program as the Disney Institute,” says Chris Sgro, participant of Class Two StarPath.

StarPath is a leadership development program created to identify and mentor future leaders of Guest Services who are currently working at the assistant manager or manager level. Guest Services values our team members and takes pride in recognizing those who achieve excellence in their work.

“The course was well put together, and to me, it was an invaluable training experience. I understand all of the costs associated with such an endeavor, and I am truly appreciative that I was able to take part in the entire Star Path program. I look forward to using my training in real-time as well as in the future here at Guest Services.”

One of the many benefits of the StarPath program is that participants have to opportunity to receive job promotion offers or other career advancements within the Company, Guest Services believes that team members who have successfully graduated from the StarPath program will be generally promotable and prepared for positions of greater responsibility.

StarPath has three phases. First, StarPath participants arrive at the corporate office in Fairfax, Virginia, where they receive in-house leadership training. Second, participants go on tour to exemplary operational units and immerse themselves in best practices and leadership skills. Finally, an external leadership initiative is chosen to explore further and experience overall business excellence.

(From left to right) James Stokes; Chanda Lorilla; Mickey Mouse; Edward Verber; 2018 Star-Path Class Participant Christopher Sgro
(From left to right) James Stokes, Christopher Sgro, Chanda Lorilla, Edward Verber, Danielle Verderosa, Julia Smith, Nico Foris

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