Recreation Services

Delivering Excellence in Recreation and Relaxation

At Guest Services, quality recreation and leisure pursuits are seen not simply as a means of “killing time,” but rather as an important and necessary part of a lifestyle leading to healthy and productive individuals and ultimately a healthier society. We have always believed in providing our guests with an abundance of choices that include involvement in positive recreation, leisure, and fitness opportunities.

“…I am so incredibly happy with the level of expertise and talent for teaching… I am extremely happy to have teachers who challenge me and help improve my game. I can’t say enough about how great they are [at East Potomac Tennis Center]… Kudos to you for convincing them to leave Florida and come to D.C.”
– Anna Weinstein

So, whether it’s kayaking on the Potomac River, lacing up the skates to glide across the ice rinks in the Nation’s Capital, taking a houseboat vacation on Lake Roosevelt in Washington state, enjoying a trail ride on horseback in Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park, or serving up an ace on the tennis court in Orlando, we know you’ll enjoy the high-quality recreation and leisure experiences we provide at properties all across the country.


From early morning grooming to après-ski, we have over 20 years of professional winter recreation experience. Operating a ski resort requires a solid understanding of snowmaking and maintenance procedures, but the focus on safety, environmental impact, and promotion are essential for the growth of the sport. Guest Services executes the highest quality mountain activities and creates an experience to build skier loyalty.


Reaching beyond the green, we have successfully managed championship golf courses including one of the top courses in West Virginia. Golf course management requires extensive experience and meticulous attention; Guest Services provides both, and an abundance of respect for the skill and knowledge required to maintain an exquisite course.


Fishing is a sport of love and patience, and Guest Services manages treasured fishing spots on both the East and West coasts. Our success is due in large part to our team members who consider their jobs to be labors of love. Their knowledge of the ebb and flow of the fishing season is matched only by their dedication to the shores and waters where they spend their days.

Water Recreation

From paddleboarding to kayaking to rowing and sailing, Guest Services has deep familiarity with all facets of water sports. We manage and maintain the facilities and the water craft; we facilitate all manner of camps, programs and lessons; and we take seriously our stewardship of the waterways, implementing measures to ensure that they remain clean and nurturing habitats for the wildlife they support.


Guest Services brings years of proven expertise in the management of tennis operations, from indoor and outdoor court and facility maintenance, to programs and camps for players of all ages and stages of experience. Over the years, our pros have acquired the ability to cater to the true tennis fanatics who choose to participate in our demanding full-day programs, while also providing corporate meeting attendees or special guests with an opportunity to fit in a quick lesson or a few sets of competitive play.

Gun Club and Range

Whether shooting a clay pigeon or training your site on a target at 100 feet, Guest Services has the knowledge and experience to operate your shooting range. Built on years of experience training some of the best marksmen in the world, our trained personnel know beyond a doubt what will make a range successful; our staff is up-to-date on all safety measures and the latest equipment to provide a satisfying experience for the gun enthusiast.


The ultimate in luxurious relaxation, no resort is complete without an on-site spa to offer pampering treatments to valued guests. Who can resist a Swedish massage or a facial delivered by a trained aesthetician? From the soothing atmosphere with the right music and all the accoutrements to the credentials of the staff, Guest Services knows what will give guests the pleasure they crave and expect.

Water Sports Concessionaires Join Forces

This strategic new partnership adds to Guest Services’ national recreation portfolio, further positioning the company as the premier water sports concessionaire in the United States.

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