These voluntary, organization-wide groups are designed to provide a safer and more inclusive work environment for those who may be underrepresented. While the employee resource groups (ERGs) are employee-led, they have a direct connection to executive leadership.

Employee-Empowerment. Employee-Support. Employee-Led.

The executive management team fully supports and endorses Guest Services’ ERGs and is completely open-minded to the creation of new groups by any team members. All are welcome and encouraged to join the groups, whether you personally identify as a member of a respective group or as an ally. Our groups exist to achieve the following:

  • Support and enhance the work experience for all individuals
  • Assist with the personal and career development of employees
  • Establish a safe and secure space for employees to bring their whole selves to the table
  • Identify potential leaders
  • Provide the opportunity for mentorship across properties
  • Act as a springboard for innovative solutions to company-wide issues
  • Launch communications channels between corporate leadership and boots on the ground teams
  • Decrease the likelihood that a marginalized voice is going unheard

Current Employee Resource Groups

  • Women at Guest Services
  • African Americans at Guest Services
  • Latinx at Guest Services
  • LGBTQ+ at Guest Services
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