Our Planet

Our commitment to social responsibility and the environment is, and always will be, a top strategic priority for Guest Services. We are dedicated to enhancing our performance while illustrating transparency and showcasing our progress on this priority.

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

We actively engage in local business and volunteer initiatives, take a socially responsible approach toward improving the environment, implement programs to decrease or eliminate waste, and continually improve practices that offer guests healthy, responsible food choices. From reducing or eliminating single-use products—such as plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic containers—to holding a council that meets quarterly to share and implement the latest strategies, sustainability is a critical aspect of the Guest Services strategy.

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We support our communities by using locally sourced food products, implementing cross-promotional campaigns, hosting sustainability events, and other neighborhood organization partnerships. Our culture encourages constant innovation in sustainability, monitors the results of newly implemented initiatives, and is overseen by a diverse committee of team members from across the country.

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