Robust Solutions for Your Service Needs

Guest Services takes great care and pride in providing best-in-class services across a wide variety of client sites including hotels, resorts, luxury condominiums, government and business dining facilities, state and national parks, museums, conference centers, senior living communities, health care systems, school and university dining facilities, specialty retail stores, and full-service restaurants. The Fairfax, Virginia-based company and its subsidiaries employ in excess of 3,500 valued team members at more than 250 facilities, which welcome approximately 35 million guests annually across the United States.

Customized Approach for Your Needs

Financial Accounting Systems

Our financial and accounting experts work closely with our field staff to maximize their financial acumen, assist with recommendations for desirable economic options, safeguard assets with state-of-the-art internal control systems, and forecast and prepare the monthly and annual reports that are available on our company intranet.

Food Safety and Health

Our corporate environmental health specialist regularly monitors sanitation at the operational unit level, teaches the Food Service Sanitation Course (required by Federal and D.C. law for at least one food service manager on-site at each facility), certifies new managers in safe food handling procedures, and re-certifies managers at three-year intervals.

Human Resources and Training

Our Human Resources staff is committed to recruiting the best people in the industry to serve at our client sites; developing their skills to ensure a consistent, high level of talent; solving issues quickly that could affect morale and productivity; providing comprehensive benefits to our full-time employees and responding to our employees’ confidential concerns; and complying with federal and state employment laws, Affirmative Action plans and other government requirements.


Our sales and marketing team provides guidance, direction and creative expertise to help promote our venues and their offerings. We offer a comprehensive menu of design/production services for all manner of print collateral (ads, brochures, menus, flyers/posters/signage), digital advertising and social media.


Our in-house I.T. team provides our field units with technical expertise and support for food and retail point-of-sale systems, property management systems and catering systems. We support our units with a 24/7 Help Desk; all issues are administered until the trouble is 100 percent resolved.


Our experienced, on-call staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide quick response to general maintenance and construction support needs.


We were ahead of the game nearly 30 years ago when we built our in-house test kitchen, which allows our own chef teams to create freely, test original recipes and develop unique, healthy menus for our clients’ specific needs.


Through our procurement program, we help maximize revenue and increase customer satisfaction in our units with high-quality, best-cost products that conform to our exacting quality standards and specifications. We continually conduct product research, submit contracts for competitive bid, evaluate and re-evaluate our vendors and monitor purchasing activity to ensure best practices.


Our on-site specialists utilize packages for our financial and human resources functions, which offer an effective and efficient means of providing integrated communication and reporting across the company.


Our QA criteria mandate the highest quality standards for each of our businesses; the department evaluates, measures and encourages our units’ adherence to those standards. Our comprehensive QA reviews examine virtually every area and function of our operations, and our units are held accountable for their results.


Guest Services continuously trains our employees in comprehensive procedures for safety, security and loss prevention. Our Director of Security and Internal Audit Department oversee an effective loss control program to protect our clients’ supplies and equipment, and our guests’ personal possessions. Our Safety and Security Department handles all accident and loss investigations and administers our corporate Accident Prevention Program.