Blue Spring State Park

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Distance from Tampa

2 Hours and 18 Minutes

Distance from Orlando

45 Minutes


Tranquil Kayaking Adventures

Blue Spring State Park’s exceptional Florida views and crystal clear water offer swimmers, kayakers, fishermen, and guests an outstanding experience. In addition to the pristine waters, local wildlife is plentiful. During the winter, which is also manatee season, guests can see up to 600 sea cows in the park at once! 


All Aboard!

The St. Johns River Nature Cruise is the perfect way to experience the local wildlife, whether you’re a newbie or an animal expert. Our guide pointed out all kinds of Blue Spring species, like the Florida Scrub-Jay, ospreys, eagles, many other animals, and even cool-looking plant life. This tour is the perfect way to explore the area while relaxing under the shade of the covered tour boat.



Acclaimed Local Events

Manatee season is November through March, when Blue Spring becomes home for as many as 600 manatees at a time! There’s also an annual festival celebrating the local manatees in January that welcomes guests with food, a beer garden, and assorted vendors. In April, the Firefly Festival features unique cascades of fireflies that light up the park. Locals, Blue Spring Adventures, and the state park throw regular events throughout the year, so be sure to keep up with their social media!


Outstanding Camping Options

Turn your trip into a fully nature-immersed journey by staying the night in the park! Through Florida State Parks, you can reserve a cabin, RV spot, or a camping location at Blue Spring State Park.

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Receive news, discounts, events, and contests from parks all around Florida!

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