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Culinary Forum: The Heart of GSI’s Culinary Innovation

We are thrilled to spotlight the journey and evolution of GSI’s Culinary Forum, a pivotal platform within our organization that fosters innovation, collaboration, and community among our chefs and food service professionals. Our Insider team had the pleasure of speaking with Russell Baratz, the leader behind the culinary forum, to delve deeper into its significance and continuous growth.


The Culinary Forum was initially established as a simple internal communication tool but has grown immensely in its scope and reach. “It’s a great platform for GSI chefs and all those associated with food service within the company to meet, engage with one another, and learn from each other’s successes,” Russell shared. The forum has successfully cultivated a community, driving engagement and knowledge sharing across the board.



As for its evolution, Russell highlighted significant growth in participation over the years. “What started as a gathering of about a dozen participants has now expanded to nearly 100 active members who contribute regularly. We have quarterly conference calls that continue to attract more chefs and food service managers nationwide,” he explained. The forum’s news feed is bustling with posts about new culinary trends, successful promotions, and innovative recipes, turning it into a dynamic exchange of culinary brilliance.



Joining the Culinary Forum is straightforward and highly encouraged for all our chefs looking to broaden their horizons. “There’s a link on the intranet page that will take you to the forum’s main page. From there, you can log in or create an account,” Russell mentioned. This access opens up a wealth of resources and sharing opportunities right at the chefs’ fingertips, including food cost tools, special promotions, and a gallery where chefs can showcase their culinary achievements.


The forum not only serves as a platform for sharing ideas but also plays a crucial role in building a closer-knit community among GSI’s culinary professionals. “It’s about creating that sense of community. Despite our busy schedules and individual responsibilities, knowing that we are part of a larger community is incredibly valuable,” Russell added.


We encourage every chef within the GSI family to explore the Culinary Forum, contribute their unique ideas, and benefit from the collective wisdom and creativity it harbors. By sharing, engaging, and collaborating, we can all contribute to a more innovative and successful culinary operation across GSI.


The Forum also gives out a prize once a quarter to those who display excellence!


Let’s keep the culinary conversation going and continue to set high standards for ourselves and our teams. Here’s to more growth, creativity, and shared success in the kitchen!


Congratulations to all involved in making the Culinary Forum a cornerstone of GSI’s culinary excellence.

Adventures Unbound, Capital Collection

What Are Adventures Unbound Collections?

One of the most significant goals of Adventures Unbound is to help generate a sense of connection between our team members regionally and nationally. A “Collection” refers to a curated group of travel experiences each centered around specific themes and destinations that showcase natural beauty and cultural richness. These Collections, such as the Capital Collection which we will discuss in this article, are designed to provide guests with immersive and transformative experiences, enhancing their connection with the environment and the local culture. 

Meet the Capital Collection

To learn more about the Capital Collection and how it compares to our Boating in DC brand, we interviewed Chris Bloyer, Senior Director of Operations, and CJ Brenner, Operations Manager.



For our team members, understanding the Capital Collection is crucial as it represents a commitment to delivering exceptional service and experiences in the Washington, D.C. area. This knowledge will enable our team to better engage with guests and embody the brand’s values, promoting a cohesive and informed team environment.

The connection between these properties will also help internal career opportunities enabling team members to explore other paths, learn from properties they might not know about, and receive more support. Cross-promotional opportunities will enable new product ideas like all-encompassing summer camps as well as different packages and discounts.



We look forward to seeing collaboration between the Capital Collection as we continue to expand this exciting set of destinations.

Adventures Unbound: Navigating the Latest Brand Launch Updates

Welcome to the next chapter in Guest Services, Inc.’s journey of innovation and growth! With Nico Foris, CEO, spearheading the introduction of Adventures Unbound in a recent company-wide webcast, we’re on the brink of revolutionizing our brand experience. This initiative isn’t just a new name; it’s a new era of opportunity, both for our guests and for you, our valued team members. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!


Guest Services, Inc. CEO Introduces Adventures Unbound

In a recent company-wide webcast, Foris officially announced and discussed how Adventures Unbound would revolutionize Guest Services, Inc. In case you missed it, the full video is available on the intranet.


Did You Get The Adventures Unbound Handout?

As an active Guest Services, Inc. team member, you should have received a factsheet that discusses some of the intricacies of Adventures Unbound. The handout serves as an informative guide, outlining the essence of Adventures Unbound, a brand dedicated to enhancing guest experiences, but also offering fresh opportunities for team members. It emphasizes the brand’s mission to connect guests with nature and highlights the core values central to Adventures Unbound’s philosophy, including superior quality, customer service, and integrity.

The factsheet also details the numerous benefits and professional growth opportunities available to team members through internal engagement activities, cross-promotions, and innovative service programs. This internal communication is a vital part of the Adventures Unbound strategy, aiming to build a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team capable of delivering exceptional guest experiences under the Adventures Unbound banner. You can download the handout here if you never received one.


Adventures Unbound Brand Activation Training

Have more questions? Discover how Adventures Unbound will enhance your role – visit The Core on our intranet for an essential training module that brings this exciting initiative to life for all team members.


2024 Travel  & Adventure Show

The Adventures Unbound team participated in the 2024 Travel & Adventure Show series, a premier event in the U.S. for travel enthusiasts and industry professionals, which helped play a crucial role in the new brand’s launch. These shows, which attract thousands of attendees interested in exploring vacation options and learning about new travel trends, served as an ideal platform for introducing Adventures Unbound to a wide audience. The team showcased booths in multiple strategic locations:

  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Washington D.C.
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas

Establishing a presence in various U.S. cities allowed for direct engagement with potential customers, helping to establish the brand’s identity in the competitive travel market. It was an effective approach to building brand awareness and aligning with Adventures Unbound’s mission to offer unique outdoor experiences


What Should Team Members Expect Next?

If you’re currently operating at one of the properties under the Adventures Unbound umbrella, you can expect new onsite signage to promote the initiative, updated uniforms and swag items, and questions from guests about the new initiative. We want you to be as well-equipped and comfortable as possible, so please be sure to participate in the training, read the team member handouts, and let your managers know if you have any questions.