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Mount Rainier Team Welcomes VIP Crowd

Our team recently had the extraordinary opportunity to snowshoe with the Secretary of the Interior, the Governor of Washington State, the National Park Service Superintendent, the Deputy Superintendent, and many other influential stakeholders. It was an incredible opportunity for our team members to foster stronger relationships with Washington decision-makers.

Guest Services Making Transition From PeopleSoft to Workday

Scaling for Success: Upgrading from PeopleSoft to Workday for Enhanced Efficiency and Modernization

Efficient internal systems are crucial for any company, regardless of its size. However, for a company with thousands of team members, the need for best-in-class systems becomes even more critical due to the scale and complexity of operations– especially in hospitality, a notoriously complex industry.

Streamlined workflow for employee onboarding, performance management, time tracking, and payroll processing can be automated, saving time and reducing errors. An efficient internal system facilitates better collaboration among employees across different departments and locations. It provides tools for effective communication, document sharing, and project management, enabling teams to work together seamlessly and analyze information and data in real-time.

As we grow, so does our need for more robust internal platforms. Which is why we are switching from PeopleSoft to Workday. Hear Dan Stoltzfus, Chief Financial Officer and project lead, discuss why this is a critical moment for the organization.



In comparison to PeopleSoft, Workday offers many advantages including, but not limited to:

  • Modernization: PeopleSoft is an older enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, while Workday is a modern cloud-based ERP system. Upgrading to Workday can provide a more modern and user-friendly interface, with enhanced features and functionalities that align with current industry standards. PeopleSoft is also no longer supported by Oracle.
  • Cloud-based Advantage: Workday is a cloud-based system, which offers benefits such as easier scalability, remote accessibility, automatic updates, and reduced infrastructure costs. It allows employees to access information and perform tasks from anywhere, using any device with internet connectivity.
  • Integrated HR and Financial Management: Workday offers integrated modules for HR and financial management, which can lead to better data accuracy, process efficiency, and improved decision-making. It eliminates the need for manual data transfers and provides a holistic view of employee and financial data in one system.
  • Continuous Innovation: Workday is known for its focus on continuous innovation and regular updates to its system. Upgrading to Workday ensures that a company can benefit from the latest features, functionalities, and security enhancements, without the need for extensive customizations or system maintenance.


“As we continue to grow as a business and win new contracts, without the necessary technology behind us, it will become very difficult for us to scale efficiently. We’ll begin to accrue avoidable costs. By implementing the right technology stack, we’ll be able to mitigate potential future costs, automate otherwise stressful and time-consuming processes, and really lock in modern best practices company-wide,” says Dan.

Overall, the transition to Workday represents a strategic move to modernize systems, improve data accessibility, streamline processes, and alleviate administrative burdens for the benefit of both the back office and field operators. We look forward to updating everyone as this project develops as we anticipate a Workday go-live in mid-2024.

DoubleTree by Hilton Naples Wins Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the DoubleTree by Hilton Naples Team for Winning Another Award of Excellence!

Post-Renovation Success: Enhancing Our Product and Service Experience

Recognizing the need to stay competitive in the high-end market, Guest Services recently invested approximately $7.5 million to reinvigorate our DoubleTree hotel. This transformation was driven by the desire to align the quality of our product with the exceptional service we provide. It has been a resounding success, and the DoubleTree team takes pride in the positive feedback and recognition received from guests. 

The revamped rooms now offer a complete package experience that truly reflects the high service levels we strive for. The immediate impact on key performance indicators, such as increased revenue per available room (RevPAR), higher occupancy rates, and improved average daily rate (ADR), demonstrates the remarkable return on investment.

During this renovation period, the DoubleTree team also embarked on the task of rebuilding their culture and synergy. And, we are thrilled to announce the addition of another prestigious accolade to DoubleTree Naples’ collection—the DoubleTree Award of Excellence. This marks the 14th time their team has received this distinguished honor. It is a clear indicator of their progress and signifies a return to the exceptional service and strong team dynamics they continuously strive to maintain and improve.

“While I don’t think we are back to where we were in the past, this award is a strong indicator that we’re headed in the right direction. Not only with our product but with our service and our team,” says Jennifer Robbins, General Manager. 

“So, it means a lot to the team members who have been here through the challenging times, and for our new team members, I think it gives them a lot of pride in the place they work being regarded so highly in a competitive industry.”

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all team members who have contributed to this achievement. Thank you for your continued dedication and valuable contributions to this success!