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Guest Services, Inc. Expands Its Industry Leading Sustainability Program via Additional Commitments to Animal Welfare

Guest Services, Inc. is proud to announce its industry leading Sustainability Program now includes an expanded policy aimed at the welfare of broiler chickens.

By 2024, Guest Services, Inc. is mandating that its network of nationwide suppliers for broiler chickens adhere to the standards of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), which include:

  • Improving welfare outcomes associated with fast-growing breed strains.
  • Providing enriched environments including natural light, hay bales, litter and perches.
  • Ensuring maximum stocking density is equal to/less than 6 pounds per square foot.
  • Rendering birds unconscious prior to shackling using Controlled or Low Atmosphere Stunning.
  • Provide details on compliance by a third-party auditor

Over the years Guest Services, Inc. has consistently served as an industry leader and early adopter of other marquee sustainable policies such as the use of cage-free eggs, strictly subscribing to sustainable seafood practices, only serving coffee that is grown and harvested under Rainforest Alliance guidelines, significantly reducing the number of plastic water bottles sold at State and National Parks via the installation of hydration stations, and, serving cold beverages in eco-friendly cups and hot beverages in cups that contain a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled fiber – all made in the United States.

About Guest Services, Inc.

Now celebrating its Centennial, Guest Services, Inc. has earned the reputation as the premier hospitality management company and national and state park concessioner that has taken great care and pride in delivering best-in-class food, lodging, retail and recreation services. The Fairfax, Virginia-based company and its subsidiaries employ nearly 4,000 valued team members at more than 300 properties, which welcome over 35 million guests annually across the United States.   To learn more visit www.guestservices.com