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Guest Services Hold’s Ribbon-Cutting Event at Doho Cafe in California

In June 2022, the Guest Services team celebrated a ribbon-cutting event in honor of the grand opening of the brand new Doho Cafe at Doheny State Beach in California. In attendance were Joe Muller, Dana Point Mayor; Scott Kibbey, California State Parks Superintendent; Orkun Baydar, the cafe’s General Manager; Mike Lutz, the cafe’s Executive Chef; and many other team members and locals.

As the only on-the-beach café in Southern California, Doho Cafe is an exceptionally unique spot for guests to grab breakfast, lunch, or a cold beverage while enjoying its gorgeous location.

Learn more about this exciting new Guest Services managed location at their website.

Congratulations to the team for a successful launch!

Beginning the Next Era of Guest Services with Nico Foris as Chief Executive Officer

Congratulations to Nico for his recent appointment as CEO! His new position is a reflection of his contributions and achievements at Guest Services for the past ten years.

“I’m grateful to my predecessor, Gerry Gabrys… Working alongside him has taught me so much both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the confidence he and the Board of Trustees have placed in me,” he says.

As Nico prepares to lead us into a new era for Guest Services, he has a comprehensive list of exciting priorities, initiatives, projects, and business opportunities.

Hear a quick summary of what Nico’s looking forward to on the horizon (0:48) 

“The responsibility of leading such a storied institution is great, but I am excited and determined to take on these challenges with the support of our incredible team.”

Reinstatement of Benefits

Our employees are our greatest asset. Providing an optimal environment for them to thrive in has and always will be a top priority despite any challenges that impact our industry and business. We are very excited to have reinstated all benefits available to employees as were available before the pandemic.

Talent Acquisition

Our leadership teams are committed to attracting new talent and resources during this extremely difficult labor market. We hear and greatly appreciate those who have been wearing multiple hats to maintain operations… help is on the way!

Reinvigorating Our Operations

This year, we will reintroduce the restructured Quality Assurance Program (Q Award) to obtain regular feedback from clients and customers. The Culinary Forum will also be brought back for our chefs to exchange ideas on improving our offerings and increasing profitability.

Hear how the executive team looks to provide operations support in the new year (0:37) 

Social Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining, strengthening, and elevating our social responsibilities and awareness – 1) to all employees through new and various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and 2) to our partners and communities through our sustainability efforts.

Property Visits

One of Nico’s highest personal priorities is to visit properties as often as possible. Seeing the organization’s incredible reach and meeting our diverse team members in person is one of the greatest strategies for staying in tune with what the company, and its community, need.

Nico discusses some of his personal priorities in his new role as CEO (1:05)

Strategic Expansion

Business development efforts remain a high priority and we are determined to expand within existing and new geographic areas. We are already off to a great start in 2022, with the addition of a new Florida state park contract, Homosassa Springs. We also look forward to the expansion project of additional guest rooms, lobby renovation, and employee housing units at our owned and operated Lodge at Breckenridge. Lastly, we are entering phase 2 of renovations at our DoubleTree Suite in Naples.

Maintaining Transparency

We will continue hosting live town hall meetings so all employees have an opportunity to hear Guest Services’ progress and ongoing business updates.


Women’s History Month

Women are under-represented throughout history.

Around the globe, we are present in every industry and facet of life.

We’ve had to fight for our rights.

Thanks to the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on the Status of Women for celebrating the first “Women’s History Week” in 1978!

Then in 1987, Congress designated March as “Women’s History Month,” and since then, the National Women’s History Alliance selects and publishes the yearly theme.

2020’s Women’s History Month theme is Valiant Women of the Vote.  The theme honors women who fought to win suffrage rights for women and for those who continue to fight for the voting rights of others.

Treat Yourself

  • Bear Mountain, NY: Be kind to yourself – feeling stressed? Take a breathe and slow down

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  • The Lodge at Wakulla Springs, FL: Prioritize time with yourself, organize your to-do list

Enjoy a unique stay beside the world’s deepest freshwater spring. Hiking trails, boat tours, swimming. Visit The Lodge at Wakulla and book now!

  • Big Sur, CA: Spend time alone – journal your thoughts, walk in nature or enjoy a cup of tea

Use your vacation day to unwind and experience nature. Take a weekend out to visit “mini-Yosemite”! As a Lodge guest, you receive a complimentary day pass to all three state parks in Big Sur: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Andrew Molera State Park and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Check room availability here.

Facts about Females

  • The world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, was published in Japan around A.D. 1000 by female author Murasaki Shikibu.
  • The first country to grant women the right to vote in the modern era was New Zealand in 1893. It wasn’t until 1920 that women got the right to vote in the USA.