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Adventures Unbound: Navigating the Latest Brand Launch Updates

Welcome to the next chapter in Guest Services, Inc.’s journey of innovation and growth! With Nico Foris, CEO, spearheading the introduction of Adventures Unbound in a recent company-wide webcast, we’re on the brink of revolutionizing our brand experience. This initiative isn’t just a new name; it’s a new era of opportunity, both for our guests and for you, our valued team members. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!


Guest Services, Inc. CEO Introduces Adventures Unbound

In a recent company-wide webcast, Foris officially announced and discussed how Adventures Unbound would revolutionize Guest Services, Inc. In case you missed it, the full video is available on the intranet.


Did You Get The Adventures Unbound Handout?

As an active Guest Services, Inc. team member, you should have received a factsheet that discusses some of the intricacies of Adventures Unbound. The handout serves as an informative guide, outlining the essence of Adventures Unbound, a brand dedicated to enhancing guest experiences, but also offering fresh opportunities for team members. It emphasizes the brand’s mission to connect guests with nature and highlights the core values central to Adventures Unbound’s philosophy, including superior quality, customer service, and integrity.

The factsheet also details the numerous benefits and professional growth opportunities available to team members through internal engagement activities, cross-promotions, and innovative service programs. This internal communication is a vital part of the Adventures Unbound strategy, aiming to build a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team capable of delivering exceptional guest experiences under the Adventures Unbound banner. You can download the handout here if you never received one.


Adventures Unbound Brand Activation Training

Have more questions? Discover how Adventures Unbound will enhance your role – visit The Core on our intranet for an essential training module that brings this exciting initiative to life for all team members.


2024 Travel  & Adventure Show

The Adventures Unbound team participated in the 2024 Travel & Adventure Show series, a premier event in the U.S. for travel enthusiasts and industry professionals, which helped play a crucial role in the new brand’s launch. These shows, which attract thousands of attendees interested in exploring vacation options and learning about new travel trends, served as an ideal platform for introducing Adventures Unbound to a wide audience. The team showcased booths in multiple strategic locations:

  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Washington D.C.
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas

Establishing a presence in various U.S. cities allowed for direct engagement with potential customers, helping to establish the brand’s identity in the competitive travel market. It was an effective approach to building brand awareness and aligning with Adventures Unbound’s mission to offer unique outdoor experiences


What Should Team Members Expect Next?

If you’re currently operating at one of the properties under the Adventures Unbound umbrella, you can expect new onsite signage to promote the initiative, updated uniforms and swag items, and questions from guests about the new initiative. We want you to be as well-equipped and comfortable as possible, so please be sure to participate in the training, read the team member handouts, and let your managers know if you have any questions.

Flamingo Restaurant Grand Opening

In October 2023, the National Park Service and Guest Services, Inc. celebrated the opening of the Flamingo Lodge and Guy Bradley Visitor Center, a landmark event attended by key figures and covered extensively by media outlets. This new development, featuring the environmentally innovative Flamingo Lodge and the historically significant Guy Bradley Visitor Center, offers visitors unique experiences through its modern amenities and breathtaking views. 

Now, we are excited to highlight the grand opening of the Flamingo Restaurant that took place on December 29th, 2023.

The restaurant was created with the same innovative environmentally friendly construction as the Lodge and is located on the same block with identical awe-inspiring views. Guests can now indulge in an exquisite, modern culinary journey as part of their unforgettable Everglades National Park experience. Fresh seafood, tasty cocktails, and an immersive historic ambiance make this a truly unforgettable dining experience, and only a few feet from the Lodge rooms.

“The menu is reflective of all the different places I’ve been, what I’ve learned as a professional, and what I’ve come to understand guests enjoy,” says Margaret McCarthy, Food & Beverage Manager and Chef at Everglades Flamingo Adventures.

“We’ve been open now for a little over a month, and things are going very well. We are looking forward to developing the restaurant into a gathering place by featuring a big-screen TV, board games, and other fun things to engage guests. Hopefully, it will start to serve as a comfortable lobby because there is no real lobby for the rest of the Lodge,” says Margaret.

The menu features a wide variety of awesome locally sourced dishes that use fresh ingredients and according to one guest, ‘the best Cubana in Florida.’ The team makes their salsas and sauces from scratch, smokes their pork onsite, and offers an experience unlike any other restaurant in the park system. Thank you to the entire team and everyone that makes this destination exceptional!

Celebrating One Year of Employee Resource Groups

Celebrating One Year of Employee Resource Groups

This month marks a very significant milestone for Guest Services. All of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have now celebrated their one-year anniversary. We are incredibly proud of this program and ecstatic to see participation numbers continue to grow. Thank you to everyone who attends and to those who work to maintain them! Learn more about each ERG and find the link where all group meetings are hosted.


Meet the team:

Women’s ERG – WIN

Co-chairs: Angie Thurston and Joana Vasilescu, 

Executive Sponsor: Barry Trice


LGBTQ+ ERG – Kaleidoscope

Co-chairs: Joe Pereira and Lisa Duncan 

Executive Sponsor: Jeff Ritter


Hispanic ERG – Hola

Co-chairs: Ody Hernandez and Ken Lopez

Executive Sponsor: Laura Sherman


African American/Black ERG – BELIEVE 

Co-chairs:  Paulette Lassiter and Mona Aleem 

Executive Sponsor: Dan Stoltzfus


Juneteenth, 2023

Last June, our organization celebrated the second annual Juneteenth with an event at Columbia Island Marina. Team members from all over the DMV met to enjoy cultural cuisine, participate in activities, and honor the day’s significance. Attendees played Culture Tag and Trivia, and winners were given ‘banned’ books from a local Black-owned book store. We’re happy to announce we doubled participation this year compared to last!


Pride Month Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Kaleidoscope ERG and the presentation by Amy Waninger. For those who were unable to join, use the password below to view a recording of the meeting.

Passcode: XX.W1P8#

Next DEI Event: Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 

September 15 – October 15

Stay tuned to learn more about how we will be celebrating!