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Food Management Magazine Ranks Guest Services, Inc. as the #1 Company To Watch in 2017

Guest Services experienced a surge in new business across its markets over the past year, highlighted by major contract wins with the National Park Service, Florida State Parks, Missouri State Parks, and a ski and golf resort in the Upper Midwest. Growth was augmented by the acquisition of Boston Outdoor Recreation, a marketer of non-motorized watersports services. The company also increased its market share in the senior living segment via new partnerships in Tennessee, Florida and the Pacific Northwest.

Those successes served to kick off centennial year celebrations throughout 2017 for the firm, which was founded in 1917.

In 2016, Guest Services introduced a series of national brands such as Starbucks, Five Guys, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Red Mango in several of its accounts and added a series of new proprietary concepts. These include Local Roots (allergen-free, locally sourced, organic cuisine), Qi Bao (pho and stir-fry), Wedge (display and made-to-order sandwiches), Borders (self-serve regional and international cuisine), Pigs ‘n Pickles (barbecue), Green Works (tossed-to-order salads), Cracking the Coconut (curries), Olives (pizza, calzones, strombolis and pasta), Tejas (Mexican) and Nature’s Table (salad bar).

In 2017, Guest Services plans to roll out an enhanced nutritional program led by Corporate Nutritionist Judy Caplan, who previously served as founding director of nutrition services at Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa and has also been a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Guest Services Chefs

Keep Active Throughout the Day

Staying active is often essential to maintaining and losing weight. If you’re low on time, just try to get more steps during the day or try a standing desk. Here are also some other great ways to get in a good workout if you have the time:

  • Weight training is great for boosting your metabolism and burning calories throughout the day. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat and can help you lose weight faster. And ladies, weight training won’t make you bulk up. Women just don’t have as much testosterone as men.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training is a quick and efficient way to get in a good workout. It has been shown to boost your metabolism throughout the day and often doesn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes. Win-win!
  • Running, cycling, dancing, and other forms of cardio are also great ways to burn lots of calories and improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Stretching, Pilates, and yoga are great ways to improve your flexibility and strength and can help in other areas of your fitness regime.

What exercise(s) work best for you?

As always, remember that healthy eating and fitness go hand-in-hand. The old saying goes that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Be sure to enjoy your favorite foods as well as healthy ones in moderation. Your diet doesn’t have to be perfect 100% of the time, but it’s important to make sure you always incorporate vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients into your daily diet. Have a happy, healthy new year from us at Guest Services Inc!

For more information on Judy Caplan and her services, you can visit her website or contact her by email or phone at (703) 758-2399. You can also follow Go Be Full on Facebook and Twitter for updates from Caplan.

Leftovers: The Best Time-Saver

If you’re low on time, but still want to eat healthy, think ahead and prepare meals in bulk. Last night’s dinner can be enjoyed for lunch or even for dinner later in the week. Store your leftovers in BPA-free plastic containers or glass storage containers to easily bring a meal on-the-go. Below are some helpful tips for enjoying leftovers:

  • Most of the time, Chinese, Mexican, and whole grain pizza taste better the second time! Pack these leftovers with a salad to incorporate antioxidants and nutrients into your meal.
  • Try to make sure your leftovers aren’t fried, are made with whole grains when possible, and contain healthy oils (olive, peanut, coconut, and sesame).

Store Your Food Safely

To avoid food poisoning or spoiled food, remember to keep cold food cold and hot food hot. Make sure you don’t leave your meals in a hot car, otherwise they might spoil. And if you reuse containers and bags, make sure to wash them after using them.

What other foods taste better the second time around? Use #LocalRoots to join the conversation!