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Top 4 Pet-Friendly Places

Traveling with friends and loved ones is fun and all, but nothing turns the mood sour quite like realizing you can’t take your furry friends with you on the adventures! If you’ve brought your canine friend along for your trip outdoors, have no fear: there are plenty of places that welcome and cater to dogs. Here’s a list of dog-friendly lodgings and recreations from #1 to #4 that will be perfect for you and your pup!

Starting at #1 we have:

1. Flamingo Adventures at Everglades National Park, FL

All the little critters in the sea and swamps enjoy the sunshine, even dry land furry ones! Feel free to bring Buddy or Daisy at no charge while you camp in an Eco-Tent under the palm trees or hook up your RV to the group site. Sounds too good to be true? Just make sure to keep the leash under 6ft long, and all’s well.

eco tents

2. The Lodge at Breckenridge, CO

Dress your pups up in scarves or cute sweaters and bring them along for a stay at The Lodge. Canine companions are welcome so long as they don’t jump on the furniture, don’t go for a walk in the fitness center or treat themselves to a spa day! It costs $30 per night for up to two dogs.

lodge at breck

3. The Lodge at North Cascades, Stehekin, WA

The Lodge at Stehekin welcomes well-behaved dogs of any bark or yip. While there’s so much great outdoors to explore, from Lake Chelan to the Cascade Mountains at your footsteps, there’s only so much hotel lodging for your furry friend. When booking your trip at Stehekin, make sure to call ahead so your friend can have space to rest too. Pet fees are $25 per day (plus tax) per dog, for a maximum of two dogs.

Last but not least, at #4:

4. Echo Bluff State Park, MO

Echo Bluff is the perfect X destination! Explore the Sinking Creek by fishing pole or the Current River Trail by boots while you bring your pet companion for the journey. While you may stay at The Lodge your four-pawed pal may not. Be sure to call ahead for one of the pet-friendly cabins and pay the pet fee $20 per dog, per night, two dogs maximum.

echo bluff lodge-sunset

January is the New December for Corporate Holiday Parties

Corporate parties are great for morale boosters and getting employees together, but parties in December aren’t always the most convenient for everyone. This year, wait the extra month to host your holiday get-together!

January is the new December for corporate parties, and here are six reasons why:

1. It’s more convenient for the employee

December is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone. Parties can add to the holiday stress, so waiting until January allows time for schedules to free up, and the season is slowing down for gathering together to celebrate.

2. More dates to choose from

Around the holidays, widespread availability is few and far at amazing event spaces during the holiday season, unless you book back in July. Skip the scheduling mess this year and wait until January for your planned corporate party at the place everyone loves!

3. It boosts company morale

After the holidays come to an end, morale can seem to fizzle out. Speed up the slower days by hosting your corporate party in January! Keeping employees motivated can seem tough, but not as much when there is something to plan and look forward to.

4. January is great for team-building exercises

Aside from the planned holiday party, the start of the new year can be a great time to get employees together for team building and collaborative exercises. Start the year strong by strengthening communication and collaboration among your employees.

5. Great way to kick off a new quarter

A new quarter means new goals and new tasks for employees. This thought can be daunting for some, so alleviate the nerves with a corporate party where employees can unwind and take time for themselves.

6. It’s cheaper!

Are you worried about expenses for corporate parties this year? Wait until January and save some money this time around, especially when booking your party outside of the office.

Bonus: To ensure a perfect January party, we have a few options!

The Lodge at Breckenridge | Breckenridge, Colorado

Visit The Lodge at Breckenridge and utilize the gorgeous 2000 square feet Mountain View Ballroom or the breathtaking Sky View Deck with 1200 square feet of space for your corporate event. You can view the catering menu and explore other options.

Big Sur Lodge | Big Sur, California

Big Sur Lodge has two event venues that are equipped with projection screens, easels, flip charts, and lecterns for your convenience. The accommodating staff can assist in renting any other multimedia audio and video equipment you may need, and rooms can be arranged to meet your design! Visit their website for more information on how to book your venue today!

Bear Mountain Inn | Tomkins Cove, New York

Look no further because the Bear Mountain Inn has the perfect ballroom to host up to 180 guests for any event. The Overlook Lodge is home to the Hudson Ballroom that features unforgettable views of the Hudson River, Hessian Lake, and the mountainside. Another great spot is the Merry Go Round Pavilion, perfect for a seated dinner or cocktail reception with a gorgeous carousel and spacious dance floor. For more information and booking, visit their website.

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs | Wakulla Springs, Florida

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs offers a beautiful venue fit for receptions and parties of any nature. The beautiful glass-enclosed terrace holds up to 120 people where The Lodge will provide food and bar services for your event. Book today to ensure your party date for this upcoming January. For further details, visit their website.

Echo Bluff State Park | Eminence, Missouri

Echo Bluff State Park is the perfect natural location for any corporate event, including team building! The skilled staff, delicious dining, and rustic accommodations will make any event unique and memorable. Visit their website to see what other options await!

No matter the rhyme or reason for your corporate party this year, January is a perfect time, and we have the perfect locations. Choosing from any one of these gorgeous venues is sure to make any party a memorable one.

Book with confidence by booking with Guest Services Inc.

Father’s Day Activities for the Enthusiastic Dad

Need fun Father’s Day activities for your Dad that the whole family will enjoy too? We have a few suggestions that consist of all of Dad’s favorites – food, fun, and family. We can already hear the Dad jokes in the distance.

  1. Cook-out in Paradise at Mount Rainier | Ashford, Washington

Nothing says “I love you, Dad” more than going to Paradise and having a cook-out – especially when the food includes local bison bratwursts, Annex Angus burgers, veggie burgers, and a gourmet hot dog named “The Mountain.” (It must be good if there is a nickname for it.) The kiddos also have great options for their burgers and hot dogs. Did we mention beer yet? Whatever you choose, you also get Tim’s Cascade Chips and a choice of refreshing blackberry lemonade or a tall glass of Paradise Signature Pale Ale.

The best parts are that no reservations are required and it’s outside on the Patio at Paradise Inn from noon to 2 pm. The cost is only $29 for adults and $14 for kids (includes tax and gratuity)! Dads always love a good deal! You can find out more information about this event on Mount Rainier’s website.

  1. Fill Your Stomach at The Lodge at Wakulla Springs | Wakulla Springs, Florida

The world’s greatest dad deserves the world’s greatest buffet. Eat ‘til your heart’s content at the Lodge at Wakulla Springs Father’s Day Buffet from 11 am – 4 pm. Dad will feel the almighty power while he fills his plate up with rosemary-crusted prime rib at the carving station, piling high the southern fried chicken and fried gulf shrimp while trying to leave room for the scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, fresh steamed vegetables, creamed spinach, breadsticks, and even salad! But don’t forget to remind him that it is a buffet, and he can get multiple plates to fit everything he wants or go up for seconds or thirds.

It is truly a spectacle to see Dad in his food element, and he will love it even more since it is with the family. Adults eat for $26, kids between the ages of 6-12 are $15, and children under 5 eat for free! The Edward Ball Dining Room at the Lodge at Wakulla Springs is the perfect one-stop shop for all Father’s Day foods. Call 850-421-2000 for reservations or visit their website.

  1. Biking and Hiking at Echo Bluff State Park | Eminence, Missouri

Echo Bluff State Park is inviting you to be all up in their BBQ grill for this Father’s Day starting at 11 am. In addition to the BBQ, Echo Bluff has a variety of outdoor activities, perfect for the whole family. Make a dent in your #100MissouriMiles at Echo Bluff State Park with 4.23 miles of hiking and adrenaline-filled mountain biking trails, or include the scenic Current River Trail for more than 8 miles of trail adventures. Link up in Roger Pryor Pioneer Backcountry, and you’ve got more than 30 miles of wilderness trails at your fingertips.

Not only does Echo Bluff State Park have a multitude of activities, but it also has a variety of lodging options – from the Echo Bluff State Park Lodge to Park Cabins and campgrounds. Make a weekend out of it and see more information on their website.

  1. See the Sights at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin | Stehekin, Washington

Your Dad may want to relax but also see the beautiful sights around Washington State. Well, the Red Bus provides scenic tours to Rainbow Falls and shuttle services to the High Bridge and Pacific Crest Trail; that way, you don’t even have to leave the bus to see the sights! Starting on June 15th, the Red Bus has two trips daily for these excursions, so you get to choose what time of day you get to go. You can use the time not on the Red Bus to explore Lake Chelan’s upper estuary by kayak or canoe. There are guided trips to help you maneuver around.

When you are done adventuring outdoors for the day, grab a bite at the Lodge at Stehekin restaurant, or treat yourself to the delicious, homemade ice cream found in the general store on-site. Dad will enjoy this secluded stay at Stehekin, and you can find out more about it on their website.

  1. Relax and Unwind at The Lodge at Breckenridge | Breckenridge, Colorado

After being the best Dad every day, he deserves to relax. Bring your Dad to The Lodge at Breckenridge’s Alpine Spa. Allow Dad to replenish his soul in an oasis of please, relaxation, and peace. The teams’ expertise in all aspects of the health and beauty industry allows them to uniquely cater to your Dad’s specific needs through the wide variety of services offered including signature massages, facials, waxing, and specialty treatments.

Though Dad is like a tough-guy, we are sure he would love to be pampered for the day. After a day at the spa, visit the Traverse restaurant. Combine the relaxed feeling from the spa with the view and delicious foods from the restaurant, and Dad will feel like he is on Cloud 9. Check out their website for more information.

All these places are perfect opportunities to appreciate Dad and all other Father-figures in your life. But, we can’t end this blog without one terribly-good Dad joke.

Why did the kids give their dad a blanket for Father’s Day? Because he was the coolest dad.